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9 May 2019by admin0

Understanding Modern Tribes – 3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

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What comes to your mind when the word ‘tribe’ is mentioned?

I think of groups of people, forced to stick together in an attempt to survive.

Fast forward to today, and we still have ‘tribes’. But, modern tribes are not bonded by things like the need to find food, water, and shelter. Instead, we come together over social interests.

After all, it is only human nature to crave being part of a community, and as an entrepreneur, you should be using this understanding to your advantage.

1. Identify Your Tribe

First things first, you need to find your tribe.

You can do this by identifying your niche and figuring out who your ideal audience is. To work this out, you’ll need to establish what their interests are and where they hang out, online or offline. With this information at your fingertips, you can use it in various ways to boost your business. For example, you can build a tribe of followers and consumers who boast an avid interest in what your brand has to offer.

2. Engage with Your Audience

There are tons of ways to engage with your following. But, all of them stem from publishing content full of valuable information. For example:

  • How-to blog posts

  • Newsletters

  • Video tutorials

  • Infographics

All of the content you’re publishing should have a social element to it.

That way your community can converse with one another about topics pertaining to your brand and hence bond over your products and services. Furthermore, insights can also help reveal what topics are of interest and the tone in which you should convey your communications.

3. Personalisation is Key

When it comes to reaching out to your tribe, personalisation is imperative.

By doing so, you build a following that actually wants to engage with your brand.

This means you’ll need to spend a bit of time analysing the behaviour of your audience. You want to establish what kind of content they resonate with the most, what products they look at, their demographics, and what time they are most likely to browse the web, etc. With this data, you can personalise your content to suit the needs of your audience.

And, if you need help with understanding your tribe, get in touch today.