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Enabling Informed Target Driven Strategies


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Whether you are a business owner or a brand manager, you need to know exactly what people think about your brand. And, a PR survey is one of the best ways to do that.
The only condition here is asking the right questions.
WIth the right questions, not only will you find out what your target market is thinking, but you can also get a better feel for why they think the way they do. Then, with this information at your disposal, you can communicate with your audience in a way that best resonates with them. This is key to strengthening your brand.

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1. Drive Your Press Coverage

You should be using your PR surveys to drive your press coverage.
Allow the collected data to guide how you tell a story to your following. Bringing your brand message to life across a variety of national and social media platforms is essential because when done well, this is a fantastic way of stirring up interest in your brand, building a rapport, and strengthening trust between you and your customers.

2. Create Intrigue

You want to create an air of intrigue surrounding your brand.
To achieve this you need to understand who your audience is and what they want.
With this kind of consumer information, it is far easier to create a buzz surrounding your business. All you have to do is offer your audience the solutions they need to fix their problems and phrase it in such a way that gets them excited at the prospect.

3. Gather Meaningful Data

As you start creating your PR survey, consider what data you want to harvest. Ask yourself; ‘What information would benefit my brand the most?’
We suggest creating a draft of your ‘perfect’ press release. This should prompt you to subsequently formulate questions that are more likely to secure the data you need to fuel your content strategy.

Our PR Surveys Value Proposition

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Bringing Stories to Life

We transform your content into stories that impact across national and multimedia platforms.

Adding Depth to Strategies

We add depth to your brand storytelling across traditional and digital medias.

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Impactful Solutions

We enable brands to pinpoint impact areas backed by data-driven strategies.